Colorado Ranch

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Colorado ranch lifestyle. Embrace the rich heritage of days past.  Leave a lasting legacy for the future

Sharing responsibilities and benefits with other owners at a Colorado ranch is the most sensible means to manage and maintain Wilder on the Taylor and the private fly-fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and hiking and biking trails for present and future generations.  Preserving the natural beauty of the land, home to great wild herds of sheep, elk and deer and protecting the clear, cool bed of the fabled Taylor River cascading along the meadow’s edge and filled with magnificent Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout, is stewardship of the Earth at the highest level.
As a Colorado ranch owner of this extraordinary and exceptional mixture of nature’s elements is to participate in and perpetuate a living history, while extending your family culture and traditions far into the future.  Annual gatherings with sons and daughters and grand children become easy and honest.  The never-ending fascinations of nature and the outdoor life will help create those special experiences, forever remembered as nowhere else will be.  There are few and will be even fewer opportunities such as Wilder on the Taylor to bring sustainable and responsible second home development to the great rocky mountain West where culture and heritage and legacy can be combined with privacy of Colorado ranch lifestyle.

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