Gunnison River Fest in Colorado

Gunnison River Fest in Colorado

No other property captures the heritage and natural beauty of the American West quite like Wilder on the Taylor. Our conservation efforts provide a haven where wildlife, flourishing flora and pristine waters can be experienced just as they were when the pioneering first arrived in Colorado. There’s no doubt that Wilder provides the same awe-inspiring wilderness that those settlers were fortunate enough to stumble upon. But we’d also like to provide you with a bit of that pioneering sense of adventure.

Fortunately the neighboring mountain towns of Crested Butte and Gunnison have stepped up to help us achieve this goal. From June 25 through 27 Gunnison is hosting the Gunnison River Fest. Events are aimed at kids, amateurs boaters and boating enthusiast. Kayaks, rafts, inner tubes and “hooligan” boats (constructed of anything and everything buoyant and available) all come together for three-days of racing, floating and celebrating the aquatic livelihood of one of Colorado’s greatest assets. Exciting races, float trips, plenty of ale, bizarre costumes and some of the most unusual makeshift pontoons to ever face whitewater rapids will ensure a weekend filled with plenty of hilarity and adventure.

But you’ll have a hard time deciding how to split your time between the River Fest and the Crested Butte’s Fat Tire Bike Week. From June 23 to June 27 bout 700 bikers will come to the quaint town to celebrates one the birthplaces of the mountain biking. Sure there are your run-of-the-mill bike races to watch and participate in, but it’s the bike log-pulls, bike limbos, bike rodeo, and chainless mountain coast that make this a truly unique outing.

The adventures don’t end when you get back to Wilder on the Taylor. In fact, here you’ll have a whole lifetime of them. With horseback riding, genuine ranching experiences, cross-country skiing, Gold medal standard fishing and camping excursions in the surrounding National Forrest, it’s impossible to exhaust all the opportunities for an adventure in your own backyard.

Come experience these and many more Wilder sensations. See Colorado as it was seen by the Native Americans, the pioneers, the miners and the cowboys of yesteryear. For nearly three years we have worked to make sure we can preserve and continue to preserve this land for it’s residents. We know that once you get a taste of Wilder, you’ll want to own your own homestead so that you and your family will never be far from the unparalleled excitement found in this unadulterated Colorado wilderness.

So please be our guest during this exciting time of year when the nerby towns truly come alive. We’ll see too it that you find yourself an adventure.

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