Wilder on the Taylor Fishing Report for Mid-July 2013


July 12, 2013 – River flows on the Taylor have stabilized at about 300 CFS for the rest of the summer assuring plenty of water for both anglers and recreationists. Water temperatures are in the low 50’s and the fly fishing is absolutely on fire.

We are seeing four kinds of Stoneflies, several varieties of Caddis and Green Drake, Pale Morning Dun and Blue Winged Olive Maylfies hatching throughout the day with the best fly fishing hours between 11 and 2 pm. Evening fishing can also be excellent near dark as large clouds of caddis land on the water and drive the fish crazy.

Anglers have to be on their toes a bit to figure out what exactly the trout are eating as the hatches change frequently during the day. Typically fish are rising for Caddis in the morning and as the Mayflies start to hatch mid morning, they change their preferences and seek out the Drakes, PMD’s and BWO’s amongst all the bugs on the water. An Olive bodied parachute dry in size 10 is deadly and brings fish up that otherwise are feeding below the surface. The dry fly fishing has been so good that any cast with a dry fly has a chance to catch a nice trout. Long leaders, tippets of 5x and 6x and a stealthy presentation will increase your odds of catching a trophy trout on the Taylor.

Last week, our anglers hooked several fish over 6 lbs in the river and many nice fish were landed including 2 cutthroats of over 19 inches caught on dries. This is dry fly fishing at it’s absolute finest and now is the time to get out there before things quiet down a little in mid summer.

Rarick Creek is also fishing very well and fish there are also seeking surface patterns. Small hoppers and a variety of Mayfly imitations are very effective and large fish will move a great distance to eat a well presented bug. Last week Charlie Conner landed a 26 inch rainbow he caught on a dry.

The ponds are also fishing well with morning hatches bringing the fish to the surface. Long leaders and soft presentations increase your odds of catching one of these large cruising Rainbows.

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