Homeowner Shares Indescribable Wilder Experience

Homeowner Shares Indescribable Wilder Experience

Virtually surrounded by nearly 2 million acres of the Gunnison National Forest, Wilder on the Taylor is 2,100 acres that features riverfront homesteads with breath-taking views of the Rocky Mountains.  In a recent interview, we asked one of our homeowners how he would describe living at Wilder on the Taylor.

Pictures and descriptions really don’t capture the experience of Wilder on the Taylor.  It’s hard to describe what it’s like to sit here and watch the fish rise, to see the sunset and to do it every single day with really quality people around. It’s just wonderful. — Mike West, Tennessee.

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Interview Transcript
Chris: Hi, it’s Chris Kopf with Mike West at Wilder on the Taylor. Mike and his wife Tiffiny just completed their beautiful home here, so tell us about this beautiful country. How does it feel to be a homeowner now at Wilder on the Taylor?

Mike: It feels great, I mean, it is so much fun to be here, to experience all of what the ranch has. I sit in this chair every night and I watch the fish rise, and eventually they get to me, and I walk down there and I have to try and catch three or four of them, and then I come up. That has been a routine every night since we got here.

Chris: It’s a beautiful location you’ve built, a beautiful home, and this is your guest home, but I know you told me once that you don’t even need to do anymore, because this is awesome. Tell other people what they should want to know about Wilder on the Taylor, this ranch, 2100 acres with a river running through it?

Mike: It’s just a great life, a great lifestyle, because there’s so much you can do. You don’t have to fish, but if you want to fish you can fish all day long. There’s just so much to do, it’s peaceful, it’s relaxing, and it’s beautiful. I watch the trout, I watch the deer, and I watch the elk.

Chris: So, how about building remote? A lot of people ask what it’s like to build a home from TN to CO. How do you manage that and how did it go for you?

Mike: Well, you know, it went really well and I think it comes down to who you work with. Architects and builders, and you know, it’s not easy to do, but if they communicate well and they are engaged, and our builder certainly was, it’s just an amazing process. They knocked this out in a little over a year and it wasn’t as nearly as painful as it could’ve been. I talked to somebody yesterday and he is having more trouble building a home in his home city than I did here.

Chris: Any final words on the ranch, and how things are progressing? Seems to be a lot more activity and interest. You were certainly one of the first, and I know you’ve really enjoyed it, but what would you tell the others?

Mike: It’s interesting because when we first bought the place out here, we tried to describe it, pictures and descriptions, really don’t capture it. People come out here and say, “You undersold this”. I would say it is actually better than anybody could imagine. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to sit here, to watch the fish rise, to see the sun set, and to do it every single day, there’s really quality people around, and it’s just wonderful.

Chris: You caught a monster 32 inch fish a week ago?

Mike: Yea, last Thursday. It’s a true story. It’s sort of one of those things, that when something like that happens, at some point you go, “it will never get any better than this, this is the pinnacle of my fly fishing life.” It was a forty minute adventure, and four hundred yards later, we landed a really nice fish. Two inches off of the state record.

Chris: Well congratulations, and we wish you all the best.

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