Wilder on the Taylor Fishing Report – July 14, 2014

Wilder on the Taylor Fishing Report – July 14, 2014

Taylor River Fly-Fishing Report

July 14, 2014, Right now we are experiencing the best dry fly fishing of the year on the Taylor River at Wilder. Flows have dropped to the mid 500 CFS level, water temperatures have warmed up into the low 50’s and the bugs, trout and anglers are all happy.

Finally the Green Drake hatch has arrived. A bit late this year due to high water conditions, but today we saw our first strong Drake hatch from about 11:30 am until 3:30 pm and the fish were chowing. Pre hatch we fished large attractor dries like Madame X’s and brought several large fish to the surface. The presence of the large Drakes makes it worth the fishes while to look up for a meal and any well presented dry fly can bring a strike. These are not always easy flies to imitate so the angler should be sure to have and to try several different Drake patterns until you find on that works.

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In addition to the Drakes, we are seeing several other hatches that in themselves can provide great action. The mornings begin with Caddis and small Stoneflies on the water. Around 11am you will start to see the first Mayflies, PMD’s, and fish actively eating the emergers. Shortly after the PMD’s begin, the BWO’s and Drakes start hatching as well as making a smorgasbord of surface food for the trout. Pre hatch fishing can be easier as fish are not yet dialed into a specific kind of bug. As the hatch progresses, the fish become more selective and harder to catch. This is when to change patterns until you come up with one the fish want. A larger size 12 Drake nymph can be fished very effectively as a dropper as many fish that appear to be rising are actually eating the emerging nymphs just under the surface.

After the hatch, say around 3-4pm, the fish take a bit of a break. Big attractor dries with a large pheasant taildropper (size 12) can move fish until the Caddis hatch starts in the early evening. We have also had luck with Green Drake Cripples fished on the edges of the river.

Generally sometime around 5 pm, swarms of Caddis return to the river to lay their eggs and the fish can only stand so much of this before they come up and start eating again. When you fish a Caddis dry don’t worry so much about a dead drift. Watch the naturals and how they dance off the surface of the water. Try to imitate this by skating your fly with a high rod tip, long leader and short line. This activity can last until well after dark.

Last week, we landed a 32 inch, 14 pound plus Rainbow on the river. This fish ate a Brown trout that had been hooked on a dry. We then fished to him with a Streamer and were lucky enough to hook and land this giant fish. With the State record at 34 inches we are closing in a fish for the record book here at Wilder.

Fly-Fishing Taylor River

Rarick Creek has also had a strong Green Drake hatch about 11 am. Fish lose all caution and viciously attack the Drakes. A well presented dry is sure to be crushed by one of the hard fighting Rainbows in the stream. Last weekend we landed several up to 24 inches on dries.

The ponds can be a bit tricky right now. There are times of day when the fish eat about anything but much of the time they are very selective as currently we are having huge Dameselfly hatches on the ponds. When the fish start eating aggressively on the top, pay attention and look for the Damsels. If you can find the right imitation you can catch many big fish on a Dry. Otherwise a Damsel nymph can be deadly fished in slow strips through the weed beds.

This is the time to be out on the water as any well presented Dry fly can catch a fish at any time.

If you are planning a trip to Wilder feel free to give me a call at 970-946-4370 for up-to-date fishing reports.

Lu Warner
Master Guide
Wilder on the Taylor

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