World-Class Fly Fishing and Hunting

Wildlife at Wilder on the Taylor Ranch
Gunnison National Forest
has established a deserving reputation for its world-class fly fishing and hunting. On the Colorado shared ranch, Wilder on the Taylor, property owners have access to these amazing animals – literally in their back yard.

Whether you prefer hunting by bow or by barrel, the elk herd that migrates through Gunnison National Forest is known as one of the most robust in all of North America. Being located on 2,000 acres in the heart of Gunnison National Forest means Wilder-Taylor property owners will routinely have access to what can only be considered one of the premier elk-viewing opportunities available anywhere.

The elk in Gunnison National Forest are known for being some of the most healthy, trophy-quality elk to pursue. Well-known elk hunting and fly fishing guide Roger Cesario explains, “I have hunted elk my whole life, and during that time I have hunted in the Matchless area North and East of the Wilder property. The area around the Taylor River is large, steep country with great elk habitat because the area has everything they need in terms of food, water and lots of security cover, which allows them to grow very large.”

Large herds of elk have inhabited the Gunnison area of the Rockies since long before the settlers began moving west. In 1964, Congress enacted the Wilderness Act and designated West Elk as one of the five original wilderness areas in Colorado. These measures helped ensure that this area would remain an ideal habitat for the elk herd and the rest of the world-class wildlife for years to come.

Hunting on a Colorado shared ranch like Wilder on the Taylor is truly an exclusive opportunity. Being a property owner at Wilder Ranch not only grants people access to world-class fly fishing and hunting on a Colorado shared ranch, but also gold-medal caliber trout fishingon the Taylor River. The Taylor River flows through the heart of Wilder, and offers an assortment of rich and rewarding benefits. The Taylor River is the type of fishing habitat that people fall in love with.

According to Tim Mueller, the owner of Crested Butte Mountain Resort, “Not only is the Taylor River one of the truly beautiful rivers in America, the fishing is spectacular. The Taylor is one of the best fisheries in the West.”

This point is further emphasized by Rod Cesario, “Private access to the Wilder section of the Taylor is most definitely something special, rare and unique as more and more people are fishing public sections of water and the private sanctuaries are becoming more elusive.”

Between the gold-medal level of fishing at Wilder, combined with the world-class wildlife and hunting, the opportunity to become a property owner on a shared ranch of this prestige is the type of opportunity that few people are able to take advantage of, but in doing so they are able to secure a legacy that will last for generations to come.

If you’d like to learn more about world-class fly fishing and hunting on a Colorado shared ranch, and to find out about the limited number of home sites available at Wilder on the Taylor, please call Brad Willet at (970) 641-4545 or email