Clay Sabrowski Wins Grand Champion Awards with Wilder Heifer

Clay SabrowskiClay Sabrowski, son of Wilder on the Taylor’s ranch managers Don and Shelly, continued his success raising and showing Wilder cattle at the Gunnison County Fair winning Grand Champion Awards. Clay’s showing was part of the 119th Annual Cattlemen’s Days held in Gunnison from July 5 – 14, 2019. Seventeen-year-old Clay is a senior at Gunnison High School and is a member of the Young Guns 4-H Club.

“The Incredible Heifer”

Like Clay, his market heifer aptly named “The Incredible Heifer” was born and raised at Wilder and surpassed 20 other steers to be named Grand Champion Market Beef. The duo also won Senior Beef Showmanship and Grand Champion Gunnison Born and Raised Beef. The premium heifer was sold at the Junior Livestock Auction at Cattlemen’s Days.

“It was a competitive show, and he was super proud she was able to win it,” says Shelly. “He picked this heifer out of the Wilder cow herd last fall. Heifers are more difficult to raise than steers for market because when they begin to cycle, they tend to lose weight.”

Clay Sabrowski’s Past Wins & Future

In 2018, Clay Sabrowski won Grand Champion Breeding Heifer, Grand Champion Market Beef, Grand Champion Senior Showmanship and Grand Champion Gunnison Born & Raised Steer with two market steers, Munch and Wilder, and one registered Angus heifer, Queen Latifa. One of the three was both born and raised at Wilder.

He hopes to begin attending South Dakota School of Mines next fall and major in electrical engineering. Congratulations Clay!