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Perhaps the best contribution that the cowboys have given America is the legacy of the Cowboy Code. Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy each had their own versions of the creed, but all spoke of honor, truth, reverence, hard work, tolerance, humility and patriotism. These tried and true values have helped build strong families and a strong nation. The best place to raise a family to truly understand the way of the cowboy is the same West that belonged to our historic heroes. No other homestead development offers this opportunity quite like Wilder on the Taylor.

At Wilder on the Taylor we are implementing conservation techniques that will ensure the longevity of the legacy and the land of this beautiful territory surrounding a working 1900 cattle ranch and surrounded by 2 million acres of National Forrest. By purchasing one of these limited properties, not only are you ensuring you will have a place to raise your family in a genuine portion of the American West, you are also giving a priceless gift to future generations.

You and your family will have lifelong memories of you days spent fly fishing for trout in our nearly five miles of private Gold Medal standard waters. You will bond while learning to track, cut and pen heards of cattle while on horseback. You will grow healthier skiing, biking, hiking and mountain climbing. You will be able to share awe-inspiring views and wildlife sightings. Together you will build a genuine appreciation for the land you live on by helping to preserve the natural beauty of your home.

You will also have three quaint mount towns to explore at your leisure. Almont, Gunnison and Crested Butte are located conveniently close to Wilder, allowing for unique skiing, dining and shopping opportunities for the family. And with the annual arts festival, mountain bike festival, wildflower festival and music festival, you will have plenty of reasons to venture into town.

Take advantage of this rare chance to provide your family with a preserved Western paradise so that they can grow up with the experiences, and the appreciations held by our ancestors.

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