Fly Fishing the Taylor River

Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers,\’94 said President Herbert Hoover. The angler-in-chief believed that none of life’s joys compared to that which could be found only while standing at a river; that which could be captured only with the aid of a rod. Hoover worked to help preserve the source of this pleasure by cleaning rivers and harbors and increasing the production of fisheries.

We at Wilder also believe that the activity of fishing allows one to connect with past generations who have also shared this sensations of the stream. Amidst the rushing water all your concerns are washed away. Your sole concern is catching that great rainbow trout (that will grow only greater by the time you make it back home). This is why we strive to maintain the superior quality of the water that runs through the heart of our property. We want to conserve the Taylor River because we want our waters to be just as pristine and our fishing to be just as rewarding as they were during the times when Hoover worked as a Colorado gold miner over a century ago \’97 likely finding blissful escape while fly-fishing in the state’s magnificent waters.

“Two months after you return from a fishing expedition you will begin again to think of the snowcap or the distant mountain peak, the glint of sunshine on the water, the excitement of the dark blue seas, and the glories of the forest,” Hoover once reflected in his book Fishing for Fun and To Wash Your Soul.” There is no cure for these infections. And that big fish never shrinks.” It is as if the outdoorsman was remembering a moment, standing in the Taylor River, soaking in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding forest.

By purchasing one of the limited homesteads at Wilder on the Taylor you are allowing you and your family the opportunity to “return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers” whenever you please. Along with 2,000 acres of preserved wilderness \’97 much of which is home to a century-old working cattle ranch \’97 you will have private access to nearly five miles of world-class, Gold medal status water.

Come experience all that Wilder on the Taylor has to offer. We guarantee our river will sweep you away.

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