Top Colorado Summer Videos to Brighten Your Day

During unprecedented times, we are thankful for Wilder and the peace and solitude we find here. As snow melts away, the excitement of Colorado summer fills the mountain air. Surrounded by National Forest, each day is the opportunity to discover something new. From its beginnings, perhaps the biggest draw to Wilder is the privacy and seclusion it offers our owners and guests. Days at home amongst one of the most visually appealing areas of Colorado and the American West is a blessing we cherish. We look with excitement toward one of our favorite times of year….SWEET SUMMERTIME!

With the current “stay-home” orders in most states and anxiety running high, we want to share something GOOD!  So we created a collection of our Colorado summer videos at Wilder on the Taylor for everyone to enjoy.  Hopefully these bring a smile to your face and warm thoughts of a fun filled Colorado summer. Take a deep breath, relax and escape!

Summer Living on the Taylor

Riverfront Lifestyle

Crested Butte Land & Lifestyle

Colorado Mountain Home Paradise

Be a part of Colorado summers at Wilder on the Taylor and enjoy life in an intimate setting, away from the hustle and bustle.

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