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Premier Fly Fishing on the Taylor River

There are many amazing rivers and lakes in North America to land beautiful trout, but few can rival the premier fly fishing on the Taylor River in Colorado.

Fly Fisherman on the Taylor River

While that may be a bold statement, there is plenty of support to back up the claim. When it comes to numbers of fish, diversity of fish species, water quality and natural scenery, The Taylor River has an abundance of each. The high-mountain experience of premier fly fishing on the Taylor River is truly an unforgettable experience that any fly fishing enthusiast would enjoy.

For years, anglers have been in search of the legendary Taylor River ‘Bows – the legendary massive rainbow trout the Taylor is perfectly suited for. These rainbow trout are just one of the factors that contribute to the premier fly fishing on the Taylor River, but they are certainly a very important one. 

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World-Class Fly Fishing and Hunting

Wildlife at Wilder on the Taylor Ranch
Gunnison National Forest
has established a deserving reputation for its world-class fly fishing and hunting. On the Colorado shared ranch, Wilder on the Taylor, property owners have access to these amazing animals – literally in their back yard.

Whether you prefer hunting by bow or by barrel, the elk herd that migrates through Gunnison National Forest is known as one of the most robust in all of North America. Being located on 2,000 acres in the heart of Gunnison National Forest means Wilder-Taylor property owners will routinely have access to what can only be considered one of the premier elk-viewing opportunities available anywhere.

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Angling for Fishing Properties in Western Colorado

This was an original article written by partners of Wilder on the Taylor, Hall and Hall. Good read and thought you’d enjoy. By Jim Taylor – President of Hall and Hall BACKGROUND Since the Rocky Mountain region is home to the best trout fishing in the United States, it should come as no surprise that …

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